H1B Visa Solutions

Tired talking with fraud companies out there for H1B sponsorship? Then we can give you the right solutions.


About our service:
echsel Solutions giving consulting services for qualified IT resources who are looking for H1B Sponsorship. Our service is to identify a genuine US employer who can sponsor you a visa without asking you for money.

Now-a-day's many consulting firms are misleading IT professionals and keeping the candidate's US IT career dream in trouble by guiding them in the wrong direction and taking the money and not providing promised services,
"Our goal is to help you achieve your American Dream and we understand finding the right US Employer is a key step in that direction"

We have a database of unethical companies who charge for an H1B visa and we do have a database of ethical companies who will never charge for H1B and all we do is creating a bridge between a genuine employer to a candidate seeking a good employer.


If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable consulting firm or a client who can help you to get your H1B visa in a professional way you can consider our service.


H1B visa fee are normally paid by the US Employer / Sponsor Company.

H1B Sponsorship Services

What is H1B Visa?

The H1B visa is an employment-based, non-immigrant visa for temporary workers. For this visa, an employer must offer a job in the US and apply for your H1B visa petition with the US Immigration Department. This approved petition is a work permit that allows you to obtain a visa stamp and work in the U.S. for that employer.



Techsel is a Global IT manpower resource, Servicing our clients since 2016. Executive & Professional Search, Professional Staffing.


Our reputation is built on delivering qualified and experienced consultants to our clients in the USA. Many consultants have benefited from our services and made their American dream true.


Transparency: From the beginning of the employment till the end, we maintain the transparency of our Visa process and provide the consultant with proper updates.



We intend to consider H1 sponsorship for well-experienced candidates with proven track record & Cap exempt status.


Eligible candidates who meet or exceed the following criteria are encouraged to apply.


Candidate MUST meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for H1B Sponsorship


Min 7 years of IT experience in any onsite demanding technologies
Excellent Communication
Experience in supporting US/EU clients would be preferred
Active & Passionate
Should have good career goals

Benefits Provided by our clients: 


In addition to an attractive salary of $90,000.00 USD to $1,30,000 Per Annum, commensurate with experience, they do offer strong employee benefits program.


Our clients benefits package include:

Salary:USD 90,000 - 1,30,000 P.A. Salary will depend on experience
GC Sponsorship 
INSURANCE (Medical, Dental, Vision, Life) 
Employment Type: Permanent Job, Full Time 

Industry: IT-Software/ Software Services

Functional Area: IT Software - Applications

H1B Cap Exempt are you eligible? 

H-1B Cap-Exempt:  (H1B Transfer Fee will be taken care by the client if they like your profile)


If you previously held H-1B status and are outside the US, you may be eligible to have an Employer file a Cap Exempt H-1B petition for the remainder of your allowed time up to 3 years.


In order to qualify you must be able to show that:

1) You previously had an H1B approved petition within the past 6 years.

2) You have not used your 6 years of H-1B status.

H1 Cap Exempt service we offer

We provide solutions to get a US onsite project with our clients through our smooth H1B transfer process.

As you know, cementing your H1B status is extremely hard nowadays and thousands of professionals (despite an illustrious professional record) are having their visa status altered when they try to switch Employers. If you have no projects to fly overseas although you're having a good technical experience with previously approved H1B visa and staying in your home country then, you are at the right place here at TechSel Solutions. We offer you the chance to work in the US and seal that H1B status by transferring your H1B visa with our clients along with great benefits and packages.

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